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Suku Mentawai program update reports

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The last few months we have been busy finalising our team, organising our new office, scouting a location to host our program and continuing to formally introduce our program to the wider community and government officials. For those interested, the

Suku Mentawai Education Foundation officially inaugurated

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Last Friday, 15 September, the Yayasan Pendidikan Suku Mentawai was formally inaugurated along with our Mentawai Ecotourism and new office space in Desa Muntei. The inauguration event is an important step to establishing the Yayasan within the Mentawai community, giving

Mentawai Ecotourism Launch

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As a means to sustain our Cultural and Environmental Education Program (CEEP), we have developed a Mentawai Ecotourism system. Tourism is our fastest growing industry, contributing to a very large portion of our economy, so through this we see a