Menang foto asli Mentawai ini – berbingkai!

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Kami berencana untuk melakukan aktivitas terkait Program Suku Mentawai sebelum akhir tahun ini. Namun demikian, untuk dapat melakukan aktivitas tersebut, kami membutuhkan dukungan pendanaan melalui IEF. Jika Anda ingin mendapatkan foto edisi terbatas yang bersertifikat dan dibingkai ini (telah disetujui

How Effective is Traditional Medicine?

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Continuing on from recent articles discussing how the indigenous Mentawai community deals with illness and loss of life, I’d like to delve a little deeper into the practices of traditional Mentawai medicine; those who are trained to administer it; and

Suku Mentawai t-shirts

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To help raise money in support of indigenous Mentawai’s educational solution and promote awareness amongst communities throughout the world, we’ve designed a range of mens and womens Suku Mentawai t-shirts to sell. Made from 100% organic cotton and printed using


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Watch the film, BUI MAREUREU BAAP As Worlds Divide, and experience why maintaining Indigenous knowledge is integral to the Mentawai people and their future (…)

Mentawai Ceremony

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To offer some insight into Mentawai culture and practices, I thought I’d share with you a few moments captured during a ceremony given for the death of an elder (Panogru) (…)

Baseline Survey

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Briefly updating on the progress of the research, I’m extremely pleased to announce that, having just returned from the jungles of Mentawai, we’ve managed, together with close friend Matt Hannon (…)

Global Quest

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GLOBALQUEST, have decided to select this research and potential support program as a project they wish to offer development and financial support to, in 2011 (…)