Film ‘Mentawai Souls Of The Forest’ awarded Mt. Everest Award at Nepal International Film Festival 2023

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Suku Mentawai Foundation/YPBM is proud to announce that our film “Mentawai Souls of the Forest”, Directed by Joo Peter, has won the Mt. Everest Award for Best International Documentary at the Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) – held in Kathmandu,

Mentawai-Souls of the Forest awarded the Special Jury Prize Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) 2022

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DENPASAR – BALI (Suku Mentawai) – Yayasan Pendidikan Budaya Mentawai (YPBM) is proud to announce that the film “Mentawai Souls of the Forest” by Joo Peter, in collaboration with the Yayasan Pendidikan Budaya Mentawai (YPBM), won the Special Jury Prize at

Bali International Indigenous Film Festival (BIIFF) 2019

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After receiving invitation to attend and participate in the International Indigenous Film Festival in Bali, the Yayasan Pendidikan Budaya Mentawai (YPBM) foundation delegated this opportunity to one representative, Martison Siritoitet. Martison is a Mentawai youth working for YPBM in the

Buko pasigelaijat ngangan Mentawai

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MENTAWAI LANGUAGE LEARNING BOOK Over the past few decades, the Mentawai have seen dramatic change throughout their archipelago. There has been an enormous surge in development, tourism, and immigration – bringing with it powerful foreign influence. August Tonggiat, founder of

Suku Mentawai program update reports

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The last few months we have been busy finalising our team, organising our new office, scouting a location to host our program and continuing to formally introduce our program to the wider community and government officials. For those interested, the

Mentawai Government support Suku Mentawai’s cultural education program

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It has been a rather eventful month in Mentawai – gathering documentation for a campaign video; furthering our strategy to enable the community an avenue to sustain their cultural education program; and meeting with Mentawai Government heads to discuss their

Cultural research, education and a Mentawai dictionary

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Each day we move a step closer toward achieving our goals with Suku Mentawai and the Cultural and Environmental Education Program (CEEP). These past few months have been particularly productive. Travelling to Siberut Island with members of the Suku Mentawai team,

Maximising Our Impact

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To help maximise our impact within Mentawai, Indonesia and beyond, we’re working in partnership with the Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) supporting the production of a feature-length documentary film called As Worlds Divide. The film, directed by Rob Henry who has

Cultural Story: How to build a Mentawai Uma

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Storytelling is a fundamental component of all indigenous cultures and heavily intertwined within their native educational systems. For Mentawai, according to Sikerei, “Our stories teach us about our history and how to survive here. They carry the wealth of Mentawai


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Watch the film, BUI MAREUREU BAAP As Worlds Divide, and experience why maintaining Indigenous knowledge is integral to the Mentawai people and their future (…)